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Commercial and Residential Property

Property Maintenance

Location, location, location (and maintaining it)

CHC-Land directly manages a number of commercial and residential sites in Nottingham city centre including our own; we say you can't manage a building from a desk, so we walk the walk.

We have our main office in Nottingham's Lace Market district and have seen the city centre expand tremendously in both its residential and commercial offer. Unfortunately we have seen much of the promise of city living, and apartment living generally, diminished subsequently by poor on the ground management. We now have a team of managers, specialist contractors, concierges and cleaners who together can transform the typically slightly uncared for "block" into a five star residence.

Costs do not have to increase, although we help freeholders and leaseholders understand why essential costs cannot and should not be avoided and help install correct procedures for things like planned maintenance and maintaining reserves. Through detailed and thoughtful financial controls we can usually "pull a star", for example delivering a four star residence on a three star budget. We can also assist with Right to Manage advice and other resident-led enquiries.

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