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Commercial and Residential Property

Property Development

Location, location, location (and ideas and funding)

We have specialised knowledge of the city centre marketplace in both residential and commercial terms and can assist you in appraising a development project or planning a disposal or a purchase.

With a background in finance on a number of levels and hands on experience of various developments we can usually help you make the correct decisions. We have links to a number of national and local developers and commercial end users including some high street names and can help to put a scheme together that makes sense and can be financed or sold. Whilst the residential market has changed in recent years there are still both private and institutional investors that we can work with and, via our direct residential management arm, we are close to the action and fully aware of the state of the city centre micro-market and how it functions.

We are interested particularly in being involved in residential developments, student residences, commercial or semi-commercial schemes where a twist is required plus flexible workspace and short term use schemes.

CHC-Land particularly focuses on Nottingham's city centre and can be involved on a consultancy basis, joint venture basis or become your agent or indeed client. If you have an idea or the land/premises or just want to talk something through then please contact us.

CHC Land